Dolphin Public School, Muzaffarpur

General Guidelines

  • The School values discipline and punctuality. Slackness, disobedience, and contempt for regulations will not be permitted, and any effort or activity that is likely to harm the school’s image is considered a violation of school discipline.
  • The School reserves the right to expel pupils whose diligence or academic progress is deemed inadequate, or whose behaviour is damaging to other students. Immorality, insubordination or disrespect of authority, and boundary violations are always grounds for prompt expulsion or rustication.
  • To enable communication, parents must verify that the cellphone number provided for SMS warnings is operational.
  • Parents must check the school website on a regular basis to stay up to speed on school events.
  • Parents are urged not to change the phone / mobile number in a session. If at all there is a change in the address or phone/ mobile number the information should reach the school immediately through the Principal. All intimations regarding the change in the students’ profile must reach the school office in the month of January itself.
  • Parents’ attention is called to the fact that criticism of the teacher or school in the presence of their children should be avoided at all costs since it leads them to lose respect for their instructors, resulting in a failure to learn from them. It slows his/her growth even further.
  • If you have a valid issue, please meet with the Principal immediately or write a separate letter to him/her. He/she will personally investigate these issues.
  • Parents are requested to coordinate with the school to ensure that their children speak English.
  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in its attempt to help in the progress of their ward(s) by paying attention to the regularity, punctuality, discipline and by taking interest in their performance in scholastic as well as co-scholastic activities. They should check the Almanac everyday and note the information, assignment in the diary and acknowledge the same by putting their signature. In
    case of small children the parents are advised to check the bag of their ward(s) to see if any notice / invitation has been issued.
  • Parents must acknowledge their ward(s)’ progress in the Periodic Tests and sign the Periodic Test copies.
  • All school property must be handled with care, and any damage caused by a student must be paid for. A fine will also be levied for the infraction.
  • Parents are requested not to give the children valuable articles like expensive watches smart watches, pens, tape recorders, calculators, cameras, cell phones, CDs, I-phone and jewellery etc. to bring to school. In case of any loss of valuables or other articles, the school authorities will try their best to trace these but shall not undertake any responsibility for the loss.
  • The School cannot be held liable for minor or major mishaps caused by a student’s indiscipline while playing or disobedience during school hours, excursions or while using school transportation.
  • Parents / Guardians are not allowed to enter the bus. In case of any problem / complaint they are required to report the same to the school authorities in the school office

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